In Aureum Terram we study all the projects, from the small garden to the large public space. We do it from the belief that  Landscape and garden design is possibly one of the most beautiful arts, since the work is alive, evolves over time and is capable of evoking the five senses, and even that sixth one that touches the soul.

From our point of view, a well-designed garden is when the context has been understood, whether historical, emotional or environmental, and it is able to reflect these realities and sensibilities in its confines.

Phases of the project

  • Conceptual design

  • Execution and supervision of work

  • Plantation design

  • Outdoor decoration and lighting

  • Graphical tools:

    • Blayout plans
    • Photographs
    • 3d rendering
    • 3d animations

Our added value

Bioclimatic gardens

Wildlife Gardening

Sustainable gardens

Allergenicity studies